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Immediate Effect Moisturiser



  • Diminishes Wrinkles
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Tightens and Lifts
  • Use as a night cream or daily moisturiser 

Bee Venom Pure Perfection Moisturiser 50ml

SKU: abeeco
  • Our Bee Venom Pure Perfection Moisturiser is an Immediate Effect Bee Venom cream with Natural8™ - a powerful combination of immediate effect natural ingredients. Natural8™ contains clinically proven ingredients to lift, tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 15 minutes of application. It continues to work as the day/night goes on.

    Enriched with Seafill, Syricalm, New Zealand VENZ™ Bee Venom and Manuka Honey, this cream can be used as a night cream or daily moisturiser.  In addition it can be used as a gorgeous primer under makeup - foundation simply glides on giving a smooth and radiant complexion which lasts all day and night!


    So How Does it Work?

    The amazing ingredient EPS Seafill, a marine plankton micro-organism collected off the coast of Brittany, France, fills in wrinkles and smoothes skin, while SyriCalm™ calms, soothes & strengthens even the most sensitive of skin. Pure New Zealand VENZ™ Bee Venom, Manuka Honey and the powerful combination of vitamins and botanical oils provide long lasting benefits for total skin therapy.


    More on the Ingredients

    EPS Seafill

    The Hero Ingredient that works in 15 minutes!

    A post biotic which acts on the surface of the skin for an immediate smoothing and filling effect. Its composition is similar to Hyaluronic acid allowing it to boost the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid and to bind to its receptors for a “Hyaluronate like” action.


    • Smoother skin within 15 min: up to 17% smoother
    • Fills in wrinkle immediately (15 minutes):  up to 4.5% depth
    • Wrinkle reduction - noticed by 90% of volunteers
    • Tightening effect - noticed by 93% of volunteers
    • Smoother texture - noticed by 98% of volunteers


    A natural product derived from Poria cocos and Phragmites. It effectively reduces inflammation and strongly supports skin in dealing with external stresses.

    Additionally, SyriCalm™ is designed to give effective support where the skin is challenged by environmental stress, e.g. shaving, depilation or daily hygiene. It helps the skin recover its natural balance.

    New Zealand VENZ™ Bee Venom

    Known for it's ability to plump and firm the skin, targeting fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, tighter looking complexion, Bee Venom is one of the hero ingredients of this product.

    Abeeco uses the VENZ™ brand of natural New Zealand Bee Venom. This is Bee Venom that has been extracted using patented collection and preservation technology that produces the highest possible grade/quality/potency of New Zealand bee venom. Therefore less Bee Venom is required to get the same result in skincare products compared to other brands and Bee Venom collected from other regions.

    The VENZ™ system also nullifies the worry of an allergic reaction. This is because the compound that causes allergic reactions, Phospholipase A2, has been minimised during its infusion into the Manuka Honey.

    New Zealand Manuka Honey 

    Manuka honey adds a barrier of moisture to the skin, improving your skin's appearance and repairing cellular damage. Manuka honey helps balance your skin's pH levels, keeping your skin clear, soft and evens out skin tone. Its antibacterial effect fights bacteria keeping pores clean and healthy.

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